Forget the “t” and Write in “f” if You Publish Online

In the German institute my professors have taught me that in the development of a text it is necessary to apply an argumentation in the form of “T”. The main messages and the most important conclusions come at the beginning. The rest of the text details the different aspects and explains the “why” and “how” behind the arguments.

The “t” for Text Development Loses Relevance

Although the “T” in the Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number creation of a text has not ceased to be relevant, times have changed. The competition of different articles is no longer limited only to the number of pages of a newspaper. When we publish in the world of blogs we compete with millions of contents to get the attention of the reader. At the same time the Internet user feels stressed for fear of missing something interesting. Consequently, the attention time was greatly reduced in the online compared to the time you had with an offline medium.

You Write in the Online World

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Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number

The texts no longer read, but rather scanne . The user’s patience is minimal and if we do not meet their demands and expectations we will see it reflected in high bounce rates and permanence times of “00:00” on our website. Many bloggers have not yet found out that it is not only the quality of the content that counts and that the way of presenting it greatly influences it.

The first thing an Internet user notices is the title. I have already spoken on another occasion about the importance of good headlines on Twitter to increase the number of visits. Nielsen ‘s usability studies on the importance of the “F” are not recent but it seems that few give it the importance it should have. Through studying the movement of the eyes on a computer screen reading texts from the Internet, they have obtained the following conclusions:

Titles are the part that receives the most attention from a reader.
To prevent the user from escaping, the use of lists is key.
Within each point of a list the first 2 words are the ones that receive the most attention.
The most important points of a list should occupy the first positions.
It is evident that in these points we see a lot of common sense reflected. Even so, we need this type of study to be more disciplined when considering usability when creating a text for the Internet.

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