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place most of your links with anchor texts like “best daycare,” “childcare,” etc. almost close to exact keywords will not be appreciable. #3 Strategic Link Building We all know that Google pays more attention to link quality. It’s safer not to link to and from low quality spammy sites. Therefore, strictly say “No” to spammy links. In case of buying links, there are greater possibilities of having unnatural or irrelevant anchor texts. Guest blogging will do – Guest blogging is not for link building. Niche-relevant guest article submissions can get you valid links with appropriate anchor texts. Only then do you tend to reap the full benefits of guest

blogging. With proper anchor text

and a relevant landing page, you can get the audience to land on the desired page. #4 Appropriate distributions of anchor text You should incorporate variations President Email Address in the use of anchor texts. If you still want to have brand anchors, that sounds manipulative. Otherwise, having exact keyword anchor texts often will also have the same effect and get Google hits. Therefore, while creating an anchor text strategy to help SEO, opt for a unique and varied anchor text distribution. Considering a (branded) website, here is an example of a backlink generation flow (bad and good practice). Having no

anchor text distribution Bad anchor

President Email Address

text distribution Good anchor text distribution Right anchor text distribution For a website (not a popular brand), you can try this anchor text distribution anchor for your following links. Perfect anchor text distribution #5 Finally, test and track anchor texts Find out how you use anchor texts on your site. You need to do this to know how it affects your link profile and, therefore, SEO. There are smart tools like SEOBook, Anchor Text Categorizer, etc. to track your anchor texts. With the data you feel like brand name, target keywords of your content, anchor texts used, page URL, etc., the tool can

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