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Recognizable? As if you’re twiddling your Belize Phone Number thumbs until that one client calls. And if you happen to be in the starting blocks and can deliver the concept that same afternoon, there is 0 room for feedback (check point 7). For me the answer Belize Phone Number to such a question is one of the caliber: ‘no is also an answer’. I’ve burned my fingers on it just too many times. And I can tell you from experience: if you type with burned fingertips, you quickly lose the fun of copywriting. And yes, there are probably copywriters who will type up pages in no Belize Phone Number time. Just off the cuff. For example, copywriters who are paid per word. Big fine.

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I don’t believe in that myself. So I don’t Belize Phone Number believe in getting paid per word. Why? Because to write is to delete . If you are paid per word, you only delete a lot less quickly. Also read: Effective final editing: avoid passive & woolly Belize Phone Number language For me, copywriting is putting every word on a scale. doing research. Deliberate and weigh. Sharpen the knives for razor-sharp texts. Write and delete. It takes time. Even if it Belize Phone Number  is ‘just’ a short text. Or actually you if it is a short text. 6. A copywriter doesn’t need a briefing No of course not. Copywriters can read minds. We can guess what the Unique Selling Point is of a product or service.

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Guess who the target audience Belize Phone Number might be. Guessing what the client wants to achieve with the texts. Without briefing it is shooting with hail. The chance that you miss is much greater than that you hit the target. My statement: A copywriter Belize Phone Number  who takes himself even a little seriously thanks you kindly for an assignment where no briefing is possible. You can only conjure up effective texts on your screen if you know Belize Phone Number exactly what the sales arguments of the product or service are, what your goal is, who the target group is and who your client is. 7. A copywriter writes texts that are immediately ‘spot on’ Which can.


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