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What about analytical design? That’s what Andy Crestodina thinks. Andy – who has provided web strategy and advice to over a thousand businesses and authored Content Chemistry: The Illustrated Handbook for Content Marketing – encourages all businesses to consider analytics when designing or redesigning a website.

The bad news: If you fail to Philippines Phone Number make user-friendly design decisions, your website will work against your analytics, preventing you from gaining insights that could be useful to you.

If you fail to make design decisions suitable for analysis, your site will work against you, says crestodina. Click to tweet

The good news: It’s easy to make design decisions that fit analytics.

This article summarizes some of the advice Andy gave Content Marketing World in his Web Design vs Analytics Setup talk:

Put your blog in its own directory

To set up a blog to get the most Philippines Phone Number out of analytics, choose a URL structure carefully. Your URL is the backbone of your site. Andy says, “The structure of the URL has everything to do with the quality of the analysis. It also has a big impact on search engine friendliness. “

The worst place to put your blog – for SEO and analytics – is on a separate website, a separate domain. In fact, says Andy, never launch a website on a separate domain. When people connect to a separate domain, your main site’s domain authority is diluted.

Create a page for each product, service, topic

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Just as your blog’s URL structure determines the value you can get from your analytics, so does how you structure your web pages. Andy notes that web pages, unlike blog posts, are generally about a company’s products and services. People who search for content about your products and services are more likely than blog readers to consider a purchase.

“Marketers need to understand the difference and configure product and service pages for analytics accordingly,” says Andy. It starts by showing what not to do and quoting a long page about a company’s services – all of its services. The title of the page is Services. The problem with putting all the services on one page is that Google doesn’t rank websites; it ranks web pages.



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