Exclusive Content as a Business Model in a Blog

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Create posts as you are already doing, but now instead of offering everything free of charge, you start charging for it. Obviously it is not that easy to achieve but in the medium and long term it can be an interesting way to generate income with a blog. It is not only use to earn money but can also be use to attract loyal readers in exchange for asking for their email.

Disadvantages of the Exclusive Content Model in a Blog

Only if you have shown for a long time Syria B2B List that you are capable of creating value-added content without asking for anything in return will you have a small chance of succeeding with this type of business model for your blog. Apart from the fact that nobody is interestes in your offer of payment information in the end, there may be other disadvantages.

Audience Limitation : One of the main goals of a blogger is to reach as many readers as possible with their content. Only a small percentage will be willing to pay for exclusive content, although many would still be interested in reading it in the opposite case of being free.
Higher average quality of content : To justify paying a monthly fee or a price per download you can’t charge for something that I can effortlessly find elsewhere for free. You have to provide tips, tricks, data that provide more than they cost.
Mentality “everything free” : on the Internet we are used to the fact that 99% of the content is available to us at no cost. At first it can be difficult to compete with blogs that offer content without charging for providing information.

Advantages of the Exclusive Content Model in a Blog

Syria B2B List
Syria B2B List

Like everything in life, the one who risks can receive a benefit in return. There are currently very few blogs that are successful with this model. Cases like Andrew Sullivan who managed to raise $333,000 in 24 hours are an exception.

Differentiation from the competition : if you have an online business, take a look at David Bonilla’s blog because you are interestes in reading what he has to say. It is not a source of income but it helps you stand out from the competition and get loyal readers.
Source of income : charging for exclusive content is one more way to generate income with a blog. It is one more channel that over time can become an attractive source since it takes time to get readers in a paid model.
Scalable model : it is the magic word for all entrepreneurs. A scalable model basically means that income can be multiplies by moderately increasing efforts and costs. All exclusive content created serves you in the long run for all users who are willing to pay for it.
Implementing a payment model for exclusive content in a blog does not happen overnight. Without having built up a reader base for years, I wouldn’t even try to do it.

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