Example playing Saudi Arabia Phone Number with “circus” and “bacon”

They chose “circus” and “bacon”.
Also, wrote the words side by side.
They created a word map Saudi Arabia Phone Number asking themselves, “What do we know about bacon and circuses? What are ‘bacon rules, circus rules’? »
play-with-circus-and-bacon They decided to link “clowns” and “farms”. They did more brainstorming, asking, “What do we know about clowns and farms? What do we imagine when we think of a clown or a farm? They came up with this list:

They crushed the two attribute lists and came up with this scenario: A rooster is crowing. The sun is rising. A tractor appears, driving up a hill. It stops. Someone jumps – you see the silhouette. You cut in close-up, and a farmer takes off his hat.

A rainbow afro appears

He turns on his side and walks away in his clown shoes. Then another clown gets out of the tractor, another and another.

Now the team has a silly idea Saudi Arabia Phone Number that connects with people. Great. Now what does he do with it. Probably nothing. Who knows? “(They) have experienced this creative process and it helps them become more creative,” says Tim. “That’s what it’s all about.”

Tim and the attendees at his CMWorld 2015 conference created another example.

  1. The audience shouted ‘chinchillas’ and ‘marshmallows’.
  1. Suggested word associations for “chinchillas” included fur, squirrel, and traps, and s’mores and campfires for “marshmallows.”
  1. Someone suggested a connection. Also, between the two groups of words – marshmallow traps.

Cisco Valentine’s Day Gift

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Tim took it from there: “Let’s see how we. Also, can marry traps and marshmallows. Maybe we’re doing a s’mores commercial. You might have a trapper looking to trap marshmallows. Once you have this absurd idea, you play it honestly,

Tim explained in his CMWorld 2016 talk how. Also, his team at Cisco brainstormed as they prepared to launch a $100,000 router. “We sell it to Verizons, AT&T, and Telestras around the world. You won’t get this at Office Depot. But if you want a coupon, let me know. I can save you $25,” he said. -he proposes .)

The team brainstormed and played with things they knew about the router – the ASR 9000. Here’s a word map that captures the spirit of their brainstorming:



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