Why Writing for Everyone Is Writing for No One

Rejection is something no one likes. We want everyone to like us even in those cases where we do not feel any special sympathy towards a person. It’s not important. Portugal WhatsApp Number List . What is relevant for the human being is to be loved by everyone. And right from here a problem arises for the blogger.

The lack of identity and belonging of a blog . One of the main problems of a blog is its lack of identity and belonging. Portugal WhatsApp Number List  In many cases, the blogger does not get “wet” for fear of rejecting a part of potential readers and reducing their audience.

Who are you? – Create a page about you

People divide into groups. We look for counterparts with whom we can associate because we share similar tastes, interests and convictions. Portugal WhatsApp Number List The first impact is usually visual, so the way of dressing and gesturing is usually a good indicator to associate a person with a group in society. In a blog, the design is a first clue for the reader that reveals your way of being. If it is not reflected here or you simply do not have a design, you lose the opportunity to show who and how you are. Your reader wants to meet you and seeks interaction with people who show their faces without fear. In a blog, the “about me” page allows you to introduce yourself in detail.

What Are You Talking About? – Make Use of a Slogan for Your Blog

You have to focus. In a blog you can never cover all the topics because our experiences and consequently knowledge lived in the first person are limited. “Employment 2.0”. This is the motto of Alfonso Alcántara’s blog or also known as Yoriento on his blog and social networks. You can get many associations. “Find a job on the internet”, “new online professions”, “employment and social networks”, etc. The Yoriento.com blog is about all of this. A motto allows in a simple way to describe the topics that are discussed in a blog. They draw attention and are easy to remember. They are sticky because you want to go further to see if the content meets the expectations created.

Who Are You Doing This for? – Define Your Target Audience

Even if you don’t know how to define it exactly yet, your blog is destined to be read by a specific group of people. They are part of the same group that shares similar interests and problems. If you are one of them they will be able to identify better with you. Your messages will have more credibility because you share an experience lived in the first person. In a blog, a reader must quickly know who he is addressing. At the same time you exclude many groups because you don’t mention them. Do not be afraid to reduce the potential number of people you could reach with your content because you will increase the total number of readers in the medium and long term. The blog header can include a mention of the type of audience your blog is targeting.

Why Creating Content for Few Helps You Write for Many

Portugal WhatsApp Number List
Portugal WhatsApp Number List

I never get tired of saying that the visits do not matter as long as you retain and get new readers. We must accept that we will never like everyone. It is a fact and nothing happens. Neither Brad Pitt likes all the best nor the Dalai Lama gets everyone to pay attention to him. Focusing on those who are like you, even if they are few, can help you multiply the potential number of readers.

1. You provide solutions in a specific way : you add value. That is what really matters. Someone accesses one of your content and manages to get a solution for an existing problem. This person will be very grateful to you. In many cases, he will leave you a message on the blog or show you his happiness with some other gesture. For this you have to find your niche .

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