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There are two basic theories to article generation, constant submissions and anchor submissions. In constant submissions you are regularly placing new articles. In anchor submissions you set an objective for your articles and submit a specified number of submissions and allow those to constantly draw attention to your site. I normally use anchor submissions. I will write a very strong article that has constant lead generation appeal. Currently I have about 38 articles that have helped over 20,000 people to find me online. That number grows each year. It is a strategy that works for me. Use a strategy that works for you. The cost of publishing a book is too great not to have a strategy to get them sold.

Tips to Decrease Your Opt-Out Rate

You have to be able to get people to your website before they can buy your book or for you to gain increases in your email list. Without having an article strategy you will not obtain Kazakhstan Phone Number List your article marketing and sales lead generation goals. You will eventually become very frustrated in your book promotion efforts. Focus on getting people to your website, your blog, or your Amazon page. Once you get them to your page, develop a relationship with them.

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Many people begin their article-writing journey with absolutely no purpose. They have heard of the process and decided to join the bandwagon. It may help them to achieve expert status. It might help them to provide great information. However the process of article writing is very time-consuming and you have to find some way to measure if all of the writing you are doing is worth anything of value. Use articles to build your email list, sell more books and find your target audience.

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