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The BANG! By Jimmy Cyclone Beard Oil Line! You’ll love it. Action Item: Find one of your best customer testimonials and use it in this section. Use this presell page template. STEP 9: OFFER A PRODUCT BUNDLE Screenshot showing the sections of a page After showing a testimonial. In this final section you are going to wrap up your presell page with one of your unique selling points, a bundle offer for your product, and a newsletter signup. Boom uses the unique selling point that their makeup products are environmentally friendly. They also have three bundle offers with facial mask creams and moisturizers to increase their average

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Order value from engaged readers who reach the bottom of the page. This is a long page! Make sure you optimize your images before uploading. You don’t want your Taiwan Phone Number page to take forever to load, and someone to go away before you have a chance to presell them. Here’s how I’d create this section for my beard products company. Unique Selling Point Action Item: Write copy for your unique selling point, offer a product bundle for engaged readers, and give

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Are handmade by strong men with beards. No child labor, no beard automation, and definitely no men without beards. If you get scraggly beard: trim any stray whiskers, discontinue use, and see your barber. Bundle Offer: Biker Boys Bang Bundle ($147), Macho Men Bang Bundle ($177), Men With Muscles Bang Bundle ($197). Newsletter Signup: Bearded men are far more likely to win elections. People trust a Neanderthal-looking leader. Join the Bang Club to learn how to become a reliable beardsman who follows his instincts.

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