Educational point of view, First of all, let the children not be afraid of learning

In addition, some teachers scolded and ridiculed students, Stimulate students’ fear. That’s the worst. Because when students are afraid of learning, they don’t dare to take the next step, so as a teacher, how can I make students not afraid of learning, dare to make mistakes in class, and guide them step by step Overcoming difficulties is the most important thing.” Refine your mind, start over. The seeds of the story were originally sown by. Ai Wei on the tormented creative road. For example, after leaving a stable job. U The salary was significantly reduced, which led to the anxiety of economic instability and worries about the future. Always worry about not drawing well enough. 1 2  Read the full text

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Of the wounded inner child is usually related to real anxiety issues. To avoid it, we develop a defense system as we grow up to keep it from being perceived. As a result, the feeling emotional system is limited and we cannot To truly understand what we are thinking and doing, we can always see only the world we are prepared to see. Text: Lin Renting, psychologist Have you ever been called “childish”? That is the concept like the inner child. We never really grow up, everyone has their own inner child, eg a male grows up with a renewed passion for toys/play, like a big boy. “The Injury of the Inner Child” “If one shock or despair is intense, it permanently freezes our view of ourselves and our expectations of the world. The rest of us grow.

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