E-mail as a Tool to Generate Happiness for Your User

When someone mentions the word e-mail, one of the first associations that comes to mind for many people is spam. To be honest it is also my case. At first, it is not intuitive to see a possible positive effect on the company’s reputation. I have never thought about it.

I realized just today the enormous impact that e-mail can have on the branding of a brand. Let’s first discuss why email has a negative reputation for most people.

Email Marketing Reputation Issues

Despite being one of the most effective tools in online China WhatsApp Number marketing, receiving an email is not among the best user experiences. We have all had at least one of the following problems:

Everyone is affected by spam problems on a daily basis. At best they are annoying and at worst we run the risk of looting personal data through a virus or phishing attack .
E-mail can be annoying if we receive commercial emails on a daily basis. Although at a given moment we have signed up for a newsletter, we always forget to unsubscribe due to laziness (at least in my case).
A full inbox can create a stress attack. If each email requires a response, we can spend hours writing emails that prevent us from moving forward with our tasks.

Case Studies of Companies That Already Use Email to Generate

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A user’s experience does not always have to be negative. If you are a Twitter user, you may remember when you received an email every time you had a new follower. For those who exceed 100,000 followers it may have already started to get tiresome but for most of us it was a small moment of happiness. I do not understand why they have changed this formula, which especially at the beginning helps a lot to hook the user. Other platforms like Klout are applying the same tactic. Although in Spain it is not so popular in the United States more than 70% of bloggers know its score according to an Overblog study . Every time you have received a score from another user, they inform you by e-mail with the aim of boosting your ego.

Lately I have taken a special affection for Codeeta, which is the tool I use to make reservations for the course for bloggers . Every day I receive emails from them informing me about the new reservations of people who sign up for the training. Each new mail is a small moment of happiness seen that informs me about a positive event.

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