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backlinks. Moreover, you can keep an eye on your competitor every time they generate a new backlink. Ahrefs lets you set alerts for new backlinks from your competitors. #3 Check Out Guest Viewing Opportunities Guest blogging is still an ever-relevant strategy, not just for building backlinks. But also to build relationships, make your brand known to a wider audience in your niche. Are you tired of finding or prospecting new opportunities to get a guest post contribution? Have you tried all search queries? Like “keyword/niche” + “write for us”, or you feel hard to reach bloggers in “a huge list of blogs accepting guest posts”. Those days are over. You know who all actively encourage guest post submissions in your niche?

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Note where your competitor (say for 10 – let’s start with a small number) has submitted guest posts. This is the prospect you will need to reach instantly to get CFO Email List quality guest blogging opportunities. To make it more effective, you can get hints from your competitor’s guest post article. What type of content? Title? How images or any media included? Likewise, take advantage of any opportunities where your competitor list has. #4 Link Recovery – Building Broken Links Finally, you can also use the analytics information for link recovery. You may be familiar with the broken link building technique.

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CFO Email List

building methods your target audience will love is giving you backlinks. From the analysis, you will also find out which domains are linking to your competitor’s broken or “non-existent” pages. It’s your turn now. Note all those referring domains pointing to that specific dead page. Analyze these links and sort out the best ones. Write or replicate similar content (if you don’t already have relevant content) and reach out to referring domain webmasters (not your competitor). Then tell them their links pointing to a broken page. Take advantage of the opportunity to link your valuable content that can add value. It’s up to you on ways to replicate the competitor’s backlink strategy Only analyzing the competitor’s backlink strategy

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