Don’t Get Pissed Off

Forgive the anglicisms but in this case I have not been able to express myself better. But today I have spent several moments self-feeding an anger that I was carrying. Just before I started writing this post I had my 2-month-old baby on top of my legs.

A few days ago he began to smile and it is just what he has done at that time. You can imagine how my drool has fallen.

Moments and Situations That Piss Us Off and Make Us Feel Bad

With my son’s smile I already had the idea for today’s post. Poland WhatsApp Number List  Nobody and nothing justifies that you accumulate negative energy. Controlling emotions is an essential skill to be happy. Only if you control your mind are you master of your destiny. You have to be aware of what causes discomfort and anger in many people:

Physically we are not well : it is enough that we have not had breakfast or we are a long time without eating. Poland WhatsApp Number List . Diseases are another factor that have a negative impact on our well-being. At these times it is easier to jump because the body and mind are weak.
They treat us unfairly : if they criticize you or give birth to you in an unjustified way, at first you have a deep desire to take out a baseball bat to “say your opinion” about it. If you’re not the Dalai Lama, you probably know what I’m talking about.
We suffer with third parties : the same anger can be provoked when we observe injustice towards third parties.

Especially if They Are People Very Close to Us

Poland WhatsApp Number List
Poland WhatsApp Number List

In the end you always realize when it’s too late. It’s not worth going to war. It is energy that you can use better to carry out your projects. Poland WhatsApp Number List . Also, do not allow someone to speak ill of you without contributing your point of view on the matter.

1. Life puts everyone in their place : I trust 100% on this point. A person who does not behave in a manner with you, will do the same with others. Sooner or later life will put him in his place. It is only a question of time.

2. A lesson in humility : do not seek revenge. Instead you can give an arrogant and arrogant person a lesson in humility. Poland WhatsApp Number List . “You are not so important that you can make me feel bad.” There are many passive ways to show a person that they are wrong.

3. Fight for your rights – but do it quietly whenever possible. You can’t let them kick you either. No one deserves bad treatment so you have to stand up and fight for your right. Poland WhatsApp Number List . Do it elegantly without throwing mud because in that case you are not better than him, her or them.

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