Don’t Close Your Eyes Because It Will Be Worse

It is that mental stress that makes it more difficult for me to be creative and focus on moving forward. The most complicated days to get the daily post are those when I have something on my mind that worries me.

Why Sometimes We Do Not Give Enough With Our Tasks

What is a competitive advantage of the human being against the rest of the living beings can at the same time become his greatest enemy. Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List . The unique ability to think, associate and create dreams can also just as creatively generate nightmares and barriers where (sometimes) none exist.

Task content : everything that is challenging because it is new, difficult and/or complex makes it difficult to take the first step. Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List You see the mountain so high that and you visualize your failure before success in the face of this task.
Volume of Work – Even if the task is small it can be that straw that breaks the dam. A grain of rice is weightless but it tries to lift a full sack to the top.
Consequences of the decision : when our decisions have important consequences for us or third parties, we can easily block ourselves. Sometimes people prefer not to take them for fear of making the situation worse.

How to Deal With Unpleasant Tasks and Obligations

You’re not Aladdin so don’t wait for a genie to give you 3 wishes. Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List . This will depend solely on you and your ability to get your head out of the sand to face what lies ahead of you with discipline.

1. Apply the +1 if the task is large : divide your task into many small ones. Every day you do a small part but you make sure you move forward. With many small steps applying the +1 strategy in the end you end up finishing it.

2. Set Yourself An End Date

Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List
Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List

Get psyched up because you have no choice. Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List . Don’t let the time between your decision to tackle the task and the execution be too long. No more than 24-72 hours can pass until you attack without looking for excuses the task that causes you the most headache.

3. Think of a prize : if you have to suffer there must be a prize. Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List . Think of something that you like to do but that you don’t get to do very often. If you manage to accomplish the task (and only then) you will have that prize because you really deserve it.

Unpleasant tasks typically make us uncomfortable because both execution and doing nothing have consequences. In general, doing nothing makes things worse because it takes away the leeway to act and influence things to end well.

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