Does your job Lithuania Phone Number have a “high-paying moat”?

In contrast, the architecture Lithuania Phone Number major is a typical “the older the more popular. Because the development of the industry is very slow. And there is still a lot of practical experience. That needs to be slowly accumulated in the work. Whether you are doing architectural design. Or civil engineering, after entering this industry, a bunch. Of people born in the 60s, 70s, and 80s will. Be on your head, and you will not see the light of day within ten years.

The older you get, the more popular you are”, which profession do you like?

Some time ago, a relative Lithuania Phone Number discussed. Also, with me about his child’s college entrance examination voluntary application. He liked two majors with good employment prospects, architecture and computer software engineering, and asked me for my opinion.

After analyzing with him for a while, I suddenly . Also, realized that these two occupations are two extremes in terms of “accumulation of work experience”.

IT occupations are the standard “youth meal”, because . Also, the development of this industry is too fast, and it is necessary to constantly accept new knowledge in order to keep up with . Also, the development of the times. Take war as an example, IT belongs to the kind of city that is easy to attack and difficult to defend. The first-mover advantage you gain in your ability to work can easily be lost in the blink of an eye.

 What ability is not a “moat”

Lithuania Phone Number
Lithuania Phone Number

A “workplace moat” usually meets the following two characteristics:

First, it is unique and cannot be imitated or surpassed by other colleagues.

Also, Anything that can be obtained Lithuania Phone Number  by. Hard work is not a moat. You can do it, and others can do it. You can’t stop others from doing . Also,  it first, so 996 overtime is not a “workplace moat”, and continuing to study is not a “workplace moat.” “, they are more like “price war” and “R&D war” in business competition.

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