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Manidipa is very good at editing, proofreading and analysis. We discuss together each action plan for our blogs. Not only that, we share our learning from different sources and prefer to learn from each other. I can’t expect anything more from almighty; she completes everything in my life! 3. How do you manage your time blogging outside of your 10+ hour professional job at MNC Company? I love spending my time with something of mine. It helped me get into blogging, and after that I fell in love with it. These days, after creating the Facebook group, I discover big problems in time management. But I also get enough time to

spend 3-4 hours blogging and

almost 100% time on weekends. I changed things this way to run my life and my blog: 1) Plan in advance what to post or how to engage my FB group 2) Focus on one VP Design Officers Email Lists post per week based on the expectations of my blog audience. 3) I have good friends who support me to manage the FB group, that’s a plus 4) Manidipa is always there to take quick action 4. Share your experience with the MyPassiveIncomeTips blog. The reason for moving to BloggingJoy. Have you transferred or migrated your MPIT content to BJ? If so, how does this affect your link profile and ranking? Frankly, my previous blog was

full of affiliate articles and only ranked

VP Design Officers Email Lists

for a few. The feedback was not so satisfactory and I was not focusing much on this website. Later, I realized that this niche is tough and you can’t make an impact that way. I decided to change my blogging style and then decided to go with And I always wanted to have a blog with the term BLOGGING in it. I used to think of blogging as a passive or secondary income option. So I never tried hard enough to make it meaningful. But, gradually realized that blogging is

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