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Drew says this is one of Bahamas Phone Number FedEx’s. Also, biggest — and best — changes. In the past, the go-to-market team would get content. Also, requests centered around a new product or service being launched, and now they’ve flipped the paradigm. “We have people saying, ‘This is the story we want to tell our customers based on their buying journey or their learning journey,’” he says. “It’s client-based. It’s much more customer-centric.

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In FedEx’s analysis, the launch phase standardized the process for planning and executing content. The new process incorporated checklists, editorial calendars, themes across segments, and execution plans. Drew led his team to establish workflows to visualize and monitor content from ideation to publication.

The final phase defined benchmark

Improvements and identified channel-specific best practices. FedEx measures content based on engagement and revenue Bahamas Phone Number generated by the targeted customer segment. Drew’s team provided a measurement framework to ensure consistent tracking across teams, as well as a dashboard of campaign status and metrics through Adobe Analytics. Teams now use a closed-loop feedback process to share results with stakeholders and drive continuous improvement across all of their content.

After a few iterations and several major deployments of new technologies, FedEx has measured savings of several thousand dollars per year for each full-time content team member due to less redundancy and a more systematic approach to content marketing.

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Bahamas Phone Number
Bahamas Phone Number

And it’s not just the big picture that looks. Also, brighter. Multiple channels within the FedEx content team have seen substantial benefits from this operationalized approach.

Early in his tenure, Drew heard CMI. Also, founder Joe Pulizzi challenge the audience at a transportation marketing event to question whether their email newsletters are truly serving their subscribers. Drew realized that FedEx emails didn’t do it. “I came up with a totally new approach to my management team,” he says.

Management was on board, even agreeing to. Also, stop the newsletter for several months to effectively pivot. Prior to the new approach, FedEx had five agencies creating 80% new content for each monthly newsletter. Revenue from the newsletter was barely enough to break even.

Now two agencies manage the newsletters and 20% of the content is new. Eighty percent are organized, turning email into a powerful channel of amplification. Not only did the reboot reduce the cost associated with newsletters, it also drove double-digit increases in subscriber revenue in the months following the pivot.

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