Do You Have a Plan for Your Life?

Those who complain that luck never comes to them in many cases do not usually try too hard to make a step towards it either. It’s about being the master of your destiny. Buying a lottery coupon to get lucky statistically doesn’t work for almost anyone. You are more likely to be struck by lightning so you get the idea.

Having a Plan Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Do you know where you want to go or do you just let yourself go? I mean a plan for your life. I have experienced it firsthand.  Netherlands WhatsApp Number List . A couple of months ago when I shared the anecdote about an exercise of documenting life goals within the next 5-10 years on a piece of paper and then sending it to you once the deadline is over.

In my case, the simple fact of having taken the time to be aware of what I want to achieve in life had helped me to get closer to and achieve my goals. The question is if there really is a causality between the documentation process to become the person you want to be.

You Don’t Need a Plan, You Need to Know What You Want

Netherlands WhatsApp Number List
Netherlands WhatsApp Number List

Curiously, I haven’t re-documented my plans since then. Moreover, I think it is not necessary. At this point I cannot and do not want to generalize because what may be right for me does not have to be right for a third party.

Now more than ever I am clear about what I am looking for in life: I want to be happy. So my current plan for the next 5-10 years would be really short and would consist of that sentence. Netherlands WhatsApp Number List .  All the points that I had mentioned 7 years ago were a mixture of ambition, prestige and social recognition. Now I no longer have the need to prove anything to anyone.

To be happy you don’t have to give explanations or pat yourself on the back. It is not a status, it is not money, it is not recognition. Netherlands WhatsApp Number List . It is a feeling of deep satisfaction when you just wake up in the morning and you are with the whole family in bed enjoying the first minutes of the day. It’s going to bed exhausted with the feeling of having given everything of yourself even if not everything always turns out perfect. Being happy is not easy, you have to work hard.

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