Do Not Confuse Option With Obligation in the World of Online Marketing

Many readers feel overwhelmed when they stop by here or other blogs and read about the fascinating world of online marketing. When you start, a door opens to a new galaxy that seems to be infinite. It attracts you because everything sounds like an adventure and at the same time it intimidates you because you don’t see yourself capable of taking on new knowledge with the speed that arises every day.

The Vast Majority of Online Marketing Options

We bloggers of online marketing Turkey Business Email List sometimes have a tendency to convey with our posts that there are certain obligations within the tasks that you have to perform and tools that you must know. Somehow we have to give relevance to what we write because it doesn’t always have it. What is presented are always options that can complement everything one is already doing.

You have to make decisions and exclude : it’s like with everything in life. At least in Europe and other regions you cannot marry several people at the same time. You make a decision. You cannot walk several paths at the same time. When you have turned left or right do not look back. There will always come a new time to change course whenever necessary.
You shouldn’t be on every social media – Making decisions means you shouldn’t be on every social media. Focus on 1 or 2 at most. With Twitter and Facebook you already cover 90% of the public. Are the 3 additional visits you can generate with others really worth spending time on?
Not all channels serve you : social networks do not sell. Or at least not immediately. If you want to generate income from day zero you have to invest in online advertising campaigns. Without spending money you will not be able to attract qualified visitors to your site. There is no other.

Relax and Start at the Base With Small Steps

Turkey Business Email List
Turkey Business Email List

Don’t stress because you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is very likely that you will never get through it. I have been in this market for more than 4 years and new things come up every day and it is impossible and unnecessary to always be 100% up to date with everything.

1. Ignore 95% of what you see: not everything helps you to continue learning the basics of online marketing. A large percentage of the internet is copied or recycled content from third parties. You don’t have to read it all because what really matters sooner or later you’ll find somewhere else.

2. Learn the basic vocabulary – One of the biggest frustrations stems from not 100% understanding the technical terms that are used in many blog posts. Start by learning the language spoken in online marketing to improve understanding.

3. Take baby steps – Don’t be too ambitious at first. Try to “attack” the different fields one by one. Do not make jumps because you think you have to learn what SEO, blogging and how to do campaigns with Google Adwords at the same time.

Once you have made a decision follow that path. Do not let yourself be distracted because suddenly something new comes out that is the latest and that is where you have to be or what to do. Let others try and fail without wasting your time. If it really works for you, you can learn from its lessons and avoid the mistakes that others have made.

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