Do European Bloggers Not Dare to Monetize Their Blog Well?

It has made me reflect during these last days because I already have so much information accumulated that it deserves to dedicate a post to the title question. Contents [ hide ] 1 “European bloggers do not educate their readers to feel committed to financially supporting the blogger” 2 The user in general does not care about the blogger .Canada WhatsApp Number List .when a strong link is missing 3 Pay for content on a blog? “European bloggers do not educate their readers to feel committed to financially supporting the blogger” Phew, that sounds a bit .

I don’t know if I should call it harsh but I really can’t take it right. Pedro was born in the US and has started following bloggers from different cultural backgrounds . What has caught his attention is that there is a considerable difference between the way an American blogger (or Latino with US influence) and a European blogger monetize their blogs. The European blogger probably feels too much empathy for his reader. It is a cultural problem.

The User in General Does Not Care About the Blogger

The user does not want to pay for content because he has the feeling that everything is on the web and it is also free. The worst thing is that the Canada WhatsApp Number List blogger probably shares this point of view because in the end he can’t completely free himself from what he sees and hears around him. In the end he ends up not asking the reader for anything because it just doesn’t occur to him to do so in the first place. The user in general does not care about the blogger when a strong link is missing It can be even worse. Canada WhatsApp Number List .

The other day I was talking to a blogger who was shocked that his sales of an e-book he had published had suddenly dropped to zero overnight. At first he thought the product cycle was over but he went looking for the title to see what he found. He detected a thread in a forum where someone had uploaded his book and you could download it for free. It was reporting this thread and getting the download link removed and sales were back to normal.

Pay for Content on a Blog?

Canada WhatsApp Number List
Canada WhatsApp Number List

I’m almost certain that the people who downloaded the book for free had no emotional attachment to the blogger. Canada WhatsApp Number List .They were probably not regular readers of yours but simply interested in the content of the book. The blogger in general makes a lot of content available to everyone without asking for anything in return. When he decides to launch an e-book , it ‘s additional hours and hours of work invested to generate (some) additional income. At the end of the day you have to live on something so you can’t be criticized for it.

It’s quite the opposite. Pay for content on a blog? This post will have between 1,000-5,000 visits during the next 30 days. I am sure that if I would ask only 10 cents to read it, I would not even reach 10 readers. It is a normal and ordinary item. I do not share the secret formula to become a millionaire with a blog in 30 days, so it would be difficult for the user to justify the investment. Things change when you give the content a different shape.

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