Diversify and Focus Are the Keys to Success to Make Money With a Blog

It can be frustrating when you are spending so much time creating new content, getting subscribers, growing followers, etc. and your income does not pay you or the water bill. A website with 100,000 page views does not earn more than 150 euros per month with online advertising. Most beginning bloggers and webmasters underestimate the effort it takes to make a decent income from a blog.

1 The main reasons not to make money with a blog
2 Focus on one topic and stand out as a blogger
3 Diversify sources of income to earn a decent financial return
The main reasons not to make money with a blog
You don’t need millions of pageviews to earn a decent income. The problem is that there is no fast track either.

Lack of diversification in income : bet only on Google Adsense and not work on parallel tracks.
Betting only on SEO : thinking that cheating to get more visits from Google can be successful.
Little original content : the posts are copied or rewritten and do not add much value.
Thematic Diversification – Focusing on a topic and finding a niche is important so that your readers know what they can expect from you.

Focus on One Topic and Stand Out as a Blogger

“The more the better” can be good at the level Marshall Islands B2B List of income in your bank account but it is not so good at the level of different topics that are touched on in a blog. It’s better to focus on a smaller target audience but reach them more deeply than just skim the mass of potential readers. Do not be afraid of the fact that you are excluding people that you will not be able to offer them anything that is interesting for them.

Limiting potential readers is a key success factor to stand out. Keep in mind that bloggers are usually always associated with some theme. There is no “the blogger” who talks about everything and knows everything. Finding the right niche is an art. Look for something that doesn’t yet have as much competition as marketing, fashion, or tech blogs. If you want to do it anyway, focus on something very specific without wanting to touch everything 100%. Find your niche and stand out in it.

Diversify Sources of Income to Earn a Decent Financial Return

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Marshall Islands Business Email List

“Decent” can start with 500 euros. With work and effort, these incomes can be increased to amounts that are x-times higher. Dedicating 2 hours a day (including Saturday and Sunday) one can earn between 2,000-3,000 euros each month. Few are willing to invest time because they think it’s not worth it.

Generating income with a blog is not achieved overnight. Like everything in life, it requires dedication, passion and patience to achieve goals. I have been blogging for almost 8 years and from the beginning I have also generated income with this activity. The following 3 routes are the ones that have generated the best results for me. With one of my first blogs in German, after a little over half a year I managed to earn about 1,000 euros per month with Google Adsense and affiliate marketing. The last 2 options far exceed the potential of the fonts I used 7 years ago and only recently discovered. I will not go into detail since I have dealt with two of them and already in detail, so I recommend you see the links at the end of the paragraph.

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