Ditch the Senegal Phone Number Term “Content Marketing”…Unless You Talk to the Marketers

Note: This article is totally inside the Senegal Phone Number baseball. It won’t help you create better or more customers at all, so if you ignore it, no worries from my side.

In a long line of past articles, this one popped up in my Twitter feed a few weeks ago. For nearly 10 years now, I’ve seen hundreds like this. But here we are talking again about why “content marketing” is such a terrible term for the approach of creating valuable and compelling information over time to maintain or change the behavior of an audience. .

Let’s talk about it.

Please feel free to continue and read and/or skim through the article at this time. No really, I’ll wait. Thanks. I’m glad you came back.

I started working at Penton Media in 2000

At that time, Penton Senegal Phone Number was the. Also, largest public B2B media company. It included hundreds of magazines, events. and web properties from manufacturing to organic food.

I was hired in the custom media division of Penton, where I . Also, oversaw custom content projects as an account executive. Penton Custom Media was a small division where we worked on custom printed magazines for large B2B companies as well as a few associations. As for new business, we were getting leads from the ad-sales team only when they couldn’t sell a page, booth, or banner. In other words, we have leftovers.

That all changed after September 11, 2001, when Penton went from a $30 publicly traded stock to 7 cents per share (look at it, it’s true). Amid massive debt, Penton screamed for every penny. It dramatically reduced expenses and ALL income options were considered viable…even custom media.

In 2001, there were eight people in the reporting structure between me and the CEO. In 2002, I reported directly to the CEO and head of the custom media division (simply put, I was what they could afford at the time).

Without a sales team, it was my responsibility to go out and bring in new business

Senegal Phone Number
Senegal Phone Number

Aged 28 and with barely an idea, I traveled the country visiting. Also, CMOs and VPs of Marketing at medium and large B2B companies.

It was a massive failure. At the mere mention of Custom Media, Custom Post, Client Media, Branded Post, Branded Content, and Custom Content (I’ve tried them all) I was summarily fired. It became increasingly difficult to get even 10 minutes of face time to discuss how a different approach might work better than just advertising.
And then I went to visit a large B2B tech company in Silicon Valley and scored a visit with the communications director. Walking into her office, I tried a new term and asked her “what kind of success has she had with her content marketing initiatives?”

For the first time, the person I was meeting sat down a bit in his seat. She actually seemed interested in the conversation. I touched a nerve for the very first time.

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