Diary of a Half Day in the Life of an Entrepreneur

It’s 7:20 a.m. Kiara has started to sleep without diapers and wakes me up with the words “Pee-pee daddy”. As I have always gone to bed too late, the night has been short and interrupted by Kilian of 4 months who still wakes up 2-4 times each night because he is hungry. life of an entrepreneur Fotolia photo rights It costs me almost more to get up, go the 5 meters to the bathroom and sit her on the toilet bowl than to run a 42 kilometer marathon.

Contents [ hide ] 1 Arriving on time for my first meeting 15 minutes late 2 Second appointment to renew my DNI and save my life 3 Trip to Madrid to network for 1dolar.org (among other things) Arriving on time for my first meeting 15 minutes late Between lying down again and trying to sleep for 5 more minutes with now both little ones awake in bed, leaving me barely enough room to support my body sideways on one arm, it’s 7:45 a.m. without sleeping a single minute more, of course.

Arriving on Time for My First Meeting 15 Minutes Late

Making a supernatural effort . Bahrain WhatsApp Number List I get out of bed because I’m running short of time. At 9 in the morning I have my first meeting of the day and I don’t even know how to get there. We are still moving and we live in my parents’ apartment. If all goes well next year we will already be in the house that we rented 2 weeks ago (relocations are hell). Kiara goes to the beach with her grandparents in the morning, my wife walks with Kilian to our future home, and I leave the flat at 8:50.

They are parties in the town and all the streets are closed, which worsens the already terrible parking situation and means that you have to walk more than 500 meters to get to the car. I put the address that was sent to me by Whatsapp in the GPS and it doesn’t pick up, of course… I call my partner so he can tell me where we are exactly. 3 calls later I have already parked. I sit at the table, I still arrive “on time”, it’s 9:15 am. “Spain is different” , Second appointment to renew my ID and save my life At 10:00 a.m. I get up from the table and say goodbye.

Second Appointment to Renew My Id and Save My Life

Bahrain WhatsApp Number List
Bahrain WhatsApp Number List

I have an appointment to renew my expired DNI (yes, Germans also have DNI) almost 40 kilometers from where I am. If I don’t arrive on time, my wife kills me because she couldn’t catch the flight to Switzerland for the baptism of our friends’ little one next week. I still do not have photos to renew the DNI. I take the car, I return to town, miraculously. I find a parking lot near the photo shop, there are no customers and it’s my turn right away (yeah!).

I program the address into the GPS and it tells me I’m 15 minutes early. ugh… I’m arriving, there are less than 2 kilometers left, I miss the exit… (yeah!). 10 additional kilometers because I can’t turn around, of course… Someone felt sorry for me because on the third lap I already find a space to park. At 11:15 am I run out of my car. Arrive. “Your name and surname?… Table 3… €10.40 please” and I leave with my renewed card. I look at the photo and realize that my mother’s food is causing side effects. Nothing happens. This Saturday and Sunday I go running.

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