Smart Content Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List Delivery Model

This model forces us to answer these simple but difficult questions:

(Left) What do we know Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List about this visitor?
(Right) What do we know about content?
(Middle) How does this visitor interact with the content and how does the content inform the visitor?
For any given visitor, your system’s ability to make welcome content recommendations — in other words, your ability to create an engaging experience — depends on your answers to the three questions. And the usefulness of your answers to these questions depends on the usefulness of your metadata and your engagement metrics.

Wanted: Better Engagement Metrics
The problem with most analytics is that they tell us what people’s fingers did (what they clicked) – not what their brains did. Analytics doesn’t know if people are reading the content. They don’t tell us whether people are now more informed or more engaged.

In fact, what people do on the destination side of the click is more important than the click itself.

Marketers typically treat the click as the metric of digital marketing and “it’s not a good enough metric,” says Nick. We need to think like publishers

We have to ask ourselves, was Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List the content consumed? By who?

Nick gives the following example with fictitious names – Mark Johnson and Skefington – representing people who clicked on a certain email.

sample marketing engagement report

In a marketing automation platform, both clicks would look the same. Here, however, we see that Mark Johnson (top row) only spent 32 seconds on the video. He got some information and disappeared. Skefington, on the other hand, watched the video for a minute and a half. Then he read the Forrester report for three minutes. He read on CX Unified for five minutes 43 seconds. In all, he spent 10.5 minutes on four content assets. We know Skefington is better informed now. “He is in the mood to do something. It must be at an advanced stage of sales readiness,” says Nick.

Nick’s model for smart content delivery depends on meaningful engagement metrics like this. As a marketer, you need to know how engaged people are with your content. You must know the Skefingtons there. Not all clicks are the same.

What can you expect in return for creating the kind of content experiences that

Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List
Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List

Nick advocates? His client results show that compared to prospects who have minimal engagement with an organization’s content, the most engaged prospects are more than twice as likely to purchase and they move through the sales funnel at least twice as fast.


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Marketers would be wise to emulate what Netflix is ​​doing by creating content-rich experiences that potential customers and customers will find irresistible. How bingeable is your content? What is your content team doing to move from single-item content offerings to more comprehensive, content-rich experiences? What results have you seen? Please share what you learned in a comment.

Here is an excerpt from Nick’s lecture:

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