Definition of Free Netherlands Phone Number Content: How Health Catalyst Achieves

For many content marketing teams, the number of email subscribers is a critical measure of success. After all, a quality email list is an essential part of a modern and successful marketing department.

And, traditionally, you get more subscribers by putting enticing resources behind an email door. In other words, you’re asking Netherlands Phone Number someone to provide their email address to access something of value. But when Paul Horstmeier took over as senior vice president of marketing for Health Catalyst, he couldn’t follow that typical content marketing script. The healthcare public has historically been skeptical of marketing, he says, so he wanted to give them an experience that didn’t feel like marketing.

Massive insecure content

Some things still require an Netherlands Phone Number email. Address to access, but Paul makes sure doors are only installed when it’s beneficial to the public.

Webinar attendees, for example, need reminders of the time of the event as well as instructions for accessing presentations during and after the event. In this case, asking for their email address is key to providing them with a great experience.

The same goes for eBooks, which Health Catalyst reviews regularly with updated research. By collecting a person’s email address, they can alert the subscriber when a new version is released.

Shorten and simplify the sales process

Netherlands Phone Number
Netherlands Phone Number

Burning down the messaging doors provides a less intrusive experience for the audience, but also provides great results for the business, especially for Paul’s sales colleagues

Health Catalyst’s complex and lengthy sales cycle means that even the most sophisticated content marketing initiative could not replace sales. But Paul knew that if his team could deliver well-educated leads, then they could shorten the time from interest to purchase.

“After about four months, the president of sales came back and said, ‘I don’t know what you’re doing, but something’s different. People come to the first meeting ready and prepared. I’ve never seen anything like it,” says Paul.

In addition to boosting the sales team near the bottom of the funnel, Health Catalyst’s unclosed content also increases leads. Website traffic grew by.

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