Decision makers Kenya Phone Number share via email instead of social

It’s no news that social shares Kenya Phone Number shouldn’t . Also, be your main metric (Steve Rayson covers it very well), and research gives us another way to look at that.

We asked decision makers how they share . Also, information about purchasing decisions with their teams, and 82% say they send information via email. As you can see in the chart below, only a small percentage share information with their teams through social media.

This finding mirrors that of a study by RadiumOne . Also, which argues that 84% of the sharing that takes place is via dark social. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “dark social,” it’s anything that’s shared person-to-person (think: email, instant message, etc.) This type of sharing . Also, is very difficult to follow, but it’s helpful to understand that when you’re following social shares, you’re probably only seeing a small piece of the puzzle. 

This Hootsuite article offers a great introduction to dark social if you want to learn more

YOUR ACTION: First, if you are pressured to. Also, post social shares, share this search. If you’re trying to reach the decision maker, the number of shares of your content is probably not a good measure of the effectiveness of your content.

Beyond that, consider how you can make your . Also, content more shareable via email – or how you can create something that can be shared during calls or as standalone documents. Toby Lee, director of marketing, legal division, at Thomson Reuters, also offers a good suggestion. Let’s say someone is attending a webinar. Instead of just communicating with that person, spark a conversation between that attendee and their manager, who is likely the person involved in a purchase decision.


Your audience really wants to hear from you, and . Also, you can make simple changes to your approach to ensure you’re giving decision makers what they want.

Editor’s Note: Special thanks to Lisa Murton Beets, CMI Research Manager, and Nancy Reese, CMI Research Consultant, who created this research and assisted with this post.

Download the full report on how content influences the buying process from SmartBrief and CMI.

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Kenya Phone Number
Kenya Phone Number


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