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The Google search engine feature has a valuable tool called Google Suggest or Autocomplete. This tool helps users complete searches by suggesting or completing search phrases. It’s been almost two decades since Google started reading people’s minds. It has such an impact on the daily lives of internet users that it has become an extension of humanity. Oddly enough, AutoComplete or Google Suggest have always been around. Only someone has to discover it. Google Suggest was invented in 2004 by Kevin Gibbs. Before migrating to ElgooG, Kevin worked at IBM. ElgooG is Google’s mirror site or spelled backward. Kevin Gibbs found that Google was, and still is, never short of query information, and this project is all about bringing them together.


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Deep and high confidence in data Cons: Time-consuming, expensive and can be viewed as anecdotal Email surveys Pros: Reach anyone and everyone – no barriers Cons: Expensive, data collection errors, lag time Telephone surveys Pros: High confidence in Belgium consumer phone lists data collected and

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Frequency and type of searches, for example, how often for a particular term? The term will then become a suggestion in Google Suggest. Then check to see if keyword phrases,If a user has a Google Account and is logged into that account and then performs a search, Google Suggest can be affected by the user’s past account activity. For example, if a user uses the word “compare” frequently, if the user types or searches for “Covishield”, Google Suggest will automatically add the word “compare” to Covishield, making it look like “Covishield compare”. If the user is geographically located in India, Google Suggest will likely add Covaxin to the phrase, making it . Contemporary relevance also plays an important role. If Apple releases a new version of the iPhone, Google Suggest will supplement the search with a query for iPhone with iPhone and the name or configuration of the current model.


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