Curious Result Analyzing the Visits From Twitter in 1 Week With and Without Activity in My Personal Account

As some of you already know, I was about to close my Twitter account . I was a bit overwhelmed because I wasn’t able to respond to everyone and do all the other daily tasks at the same time. I took a week of vacation to finally make the decision to return but considering changes in its management.

As I announced in the post back to Twitter, I was going to analyze the visits that arrive with and without activity on Twitter. In the event that something interesting came up, I was going to publish it here on the blog and here I am doing it because it is the case.

My Mini-study to Analyze Twitter Visits With and Without Activity From My Personal Account

Before someone mentions Guyana B2B List it through the comments, I’ll go ahead. I am aware that the results produced are not entirely scientifically correct. On the one hand there is a lack of data and on the other hand there are several factors such as the frequency of tweets per day that have not been taken into account. I have analyzed the following Twitter visit statistics with the help of the Google Analytics measurement tool.

I have focused solely on the referrals that make up the majority of . Twitter visits excluding some like those from Hootsuite.
I have compared once a week without activity on Twitter (05.29.2013-05.05.2013) with the following week where I resume activity (05.06.2012-05.12.2013).
In a second comparison I have taken the week without activity on Twitter and compared it with a week of the previous month (04.08.2013-04.14.2013).
The analysis focused solely on the number of visits, not taking into account other factors such as time spent or page views.
Despite the limitations of my small study. There are some curious conclusions despite being common sense that could be applied to any account. I do not think that my personal case is unique but rather the rule.

Take a Couple of Days Off From Twitter This Weekend

Guyana B2B List
Guyana B2B List

I have made 2 comparisons to have a better explanation of the result. Comparing the week without with the next week with activity was going to show data that was not so relevant. When you tweet little, you usually have more visibility from the moment you do it again. I wanted to rule out this effect.

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