Create employee Georgia Phone Number content that inspires

Companies teach their employees to Georgia Phone Number disengage from internal communication. “We’re terrible at communicating with employees as an audience,” says Carla. “They don’t want to listen to us. We need to repurpose the communication we send to employees. »

Carla estimates that 80% of the information given to employees is administrative: “information they need to know and we need to give them” (usually mundane and full of corporate talk). The rest is something like 10% crisis-related and 10% – if so – creative, fun, unexpected or inspiring.

Under CMO Antonio Lucio, Hewlett-Packard is focusing “60% aware” of employee communication on HP’s inspiring story.

“HP has to do most of that employee communication anyway,” says Carla. “Why not make them attractive?”

Another company that emphasizes

Engaging content for and by Georgia Phone Number employees is. Also, Molson Coors Brewing Co. When the company’s CEO noticed his beers weren’t on tap in every pub in Denver – l backyard – the marketing team launched an internal program: Reclaim Colorado. Each employee. Also, received a monthly stipend of $35 to buy beer for others when they were having a drink.

Employees came back and shared stories of what it was like to be a brand ambassador. Below is one of more than 200 stories shared by employees. Also, internally (on Yammer), relaying enthusiastic experiences with the Reclaim Colorado program. In this case, a mom-to-be fills her coworkers in on the unconventional gifts she’s created for her baby shower guests.

Decide what you want employees to think of your brand

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Georgia Phone Number

Employees only serve as brand . Also, ambassadors if they connect with it emotionally. So, to create an effective internal content marketing strategy, first determine how the company wants employees to feel about its brand.

In other words, says Carla, work . Also, backwards from the goal. Design your employee communications strategy like an architect designs a building: Consider the experience you want to create, then design the building — or strategy — that delivers that experience.
Molson Coors wanted its employees to feel proud of the company, so it first shared the company’s story, then inspired and empowered them to share that story – over beers – with their family, friends and colleagues.

Ford Motor Co. realized the importance of employees’ emotional connection to the company. In the early 1980s, Ford established an in-house television network and broadcast company news 24 hours a day to all 250 employee locations.



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