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A good example is the Patagonia brand. In Bahamas Phone Number 2011, they placed a large advertisement in a newspaper during the Black Friday weekend with the text: Don’t buy this jacket. That stood out of course, because other brands mainly shouted that you had to buy something. But that’s not the style of Patagonia, which is committ to Bahamas Phone Number making the world cleaner, more beautiful and more sustainable. Reactance from the public was the result (consciously or unconsciously) and sales of the brand increased. I don’t know exactly Bahamas Phone Number whether that is a good or a bad outcome in their case, because they actually advocate that people buy less new clothes.

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The founder himself says about this: “I know it Bahamas Phone Number sounds crazy. But every time I’ve made a decision that’s best for the planet, I’ve made money.”  Yvon Chouinard The brand also recently revolted when a VVD member wore a jacket of Bahamas Phone Number the brand on an election poster. Patagonia once again received a lot of attention from major media. I suspect that was another great contribution to their visibility and possibly even to sales. Patagonia utterance don’t buy this jacket as an example of reverse psychology Patagonia Bahamas Phone Number promotion during Black Friday weekend: Don’t buy this jacket Use reverse psychology yourself Maybe you would also like to try out how to use reverse psychology in your marketing?

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There are several l ways to do Bahamas Phone Number this. Tell people to do something Say that people are not allowed (anymore).  Say you think  an people can’t do something Make wrong assumptions on purpose Note.  Not everyone will go into resistance Bahamas Phone Number because it’s simply easier not to. The effect of the influencing technique partly depends on the group of people you address and the situation. For example, it will Bahamas Phone Number be easier with 7-year-old. The Boys who collect Pokémon cards than with a group of over-65s who are looking for a new car.


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