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Hey, marketers! Are you ignoring your. Also, organization’s most important audience? Probably, says consultant and author Carla Johnson.

Chances are you and your team Finland Phone Number are . Also, putting all of your brand-building energy into external messaging. But who are a company’s biggest brand creators? Who, in fact, is turning (or not turning) your marketing promises into truth? People inside.

If your colleagues aren’t part of . Also, your content marketing strategy, you’re missing an opportunity.

At Content Marketing World, Carla’s conference – My employee said what?!?! Creating a content strategy for employees – the most vital and overlooked audience – told us how to use interior-focused content to help employees become smarter, stronger brand ambassadors. This article reviews his advice.

Make ‘who we are’ plain and simple

Many employees have no idea Finland Phone Number what their company’s brand identity is. Carla cites a 2012 Gallup survey which found that 41% of employees don’t know what their company stands for and don’t know what differentiates their own company from competitors. How can people represent – or fully support – something they don’t understand?

Many employees have no idea what their company’s brand identity is, says CarlaJohnson. employeeadvocacy Click to tweet

“We create a vortex of ignorance” with employees, says Carla.

Businesses must constantly communicate “who we are” – clearly and simply

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Vision and mission statements alone are not enough. It’s ridiculous to think that slogans and posters are enough, says Carla. What employees need is a deep sense of their shared identity.

Kathy Button Bell, Marketing Director at Emerson, faced a challenge with her company’s brand identity. When she came on board, Emerson was “a brand without a brand”. The sub-brands were well established, but the employees – more than 110,000 people worldwide – had no idea of ​​the global Emerson brand.

Kathy’s team asked customers what they thought of Emerson. Time and time again people have said the same thing: we can bring our toughest problems to Emerson and your engineers will help us solve it.

Emerson summed up his brand in this statement: Consider it Solved™.

The marketing team has embedded this sense of identity into every nook and cranny.


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