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You stand up for your ideals as a brand and do Anhui Mobile Phone Number you dare to take sides if necessary? Or are you, as a brand, so brave that you start the discussion to initiate social change? Brands like Nike and Patagonia weren’t afraid to make their voices heard. They took sides, stood up for their supporters and let them hear a strong noise to the Anhui Mobile Phone Number outside world. This is brand activism. But should brands get involved with politically charged themes? And what are the ingredients for a successful transmission of the message? To gain more insight into the possible effects of taking a stand, MarketResponse has conducted two Anhui Mobile Phone Number studies. This blog focuses on one of these studies, into the importance of authenticity in taking an activist position.

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As ‘subject’ in a passive sense: the doorbell Anhui Mobile Phone Number rings. So you can use it as a reference, to avoid repetition, or as a subject. If you say ‘I have 2’ to someone out of the blue, of course nobody knows what it is about. But if the question ‘how many children do you have?’ is said, ‘I have 2’ suddenly has a meaning. Answering with ‘I have Anhui Mobile Phone Number two children’ is then ‘unnecessary’ repetition. The word ‘er’ gives us the opportunity to play with the word order. – Eva Peek Why should you avoid ‘there’ or not? As Eva Peek Anhui Mobile Phone Number writes in her column, the word ‘er’ is often used in a passive form that is not appropriate for good journalism.

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For example, if you write: ‘It is said ‘, the reader is Anhui Mobile Phone Number left with the question ‘by whom? Or if you write: ‘There are deaths ‘ who kills, and where? The word ‘there’ says too little about the situation here. Or actually: nothing. So: rather Anhui Mobile Phone Number avoid. Scribbr , a platform with tips and help for writing a thesis, also warns against the word ‘er’. For a good assessment you have to watch out for colloquialism and vague Anhui Mobile Phone Number language. ‘Er’ is therefore associated with ‘vague language’, which makes texts less credible. Something that is of course not useful for journalists or students. A few tips for students Anhui Mobile Phone Number in a row. Reading the examples above, I do agree that the word is sometimes superfluous. But in the second example I would leave ‘there’, because it reads better.

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