Cons of Shared Hosting

Of course, a single type of hosting cannot be expect to suit every need, every business and every website. Each hosting solution has its pros and cons depending on the user, their needs and even the content management system used. In shared hosting, sharing resources with a large number of users does not mean a decrease in quality, at this point your hosting provider’s configurations can make a difference.

Shared hosting is the most used, cheapest and most basic hosting solution, but it has some disadvantages in terms of flexibility, performance and security compared to other types of hosting.


The biggest problem with cheap hosting plans is that resources are limit. Sharing CPU, RAM and disk space with many other users can affect the performance of sites on the server.

If your site suddenly starts getting a lot of traffic and becomes popular, sharing resources can cause some problems.

Due to limited resource allocation, your site may not be Cambodia Phone Number able to handle traffic spikes, slow down, crash, be out of service for a while, and increase bounce rates.

In shared hosting, the capacity of a single server to host websites can exceed hundreds of thousands, depending on the hosting provider.

Since all sites on the server compete for resources, sharing the server with other users means that their other site’s behavior can affect your site’s performance.

When a website experiences a huge traffic fluctuation on the server, other websites on the server may be affect as that site will use more resources, causing your site to slow down and take longer to load.

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Although it depends on the configuration of the hosting providers, there are examples where site speed can also be considered a disadvantage for shared hosting. Compared to other hosting options, the load time may be lower with shared hosting.

Hosting many websites on the same server can also pose a security threat in some cases. A cyber attack on any website on the server has the potential to spread to others. In shared hosting, all websites share the same IP address, which means blacklisting any website can affect others.

Shared hosting is not the right choice for site owners who want a lot of flexibility in managing and accessing the server. There are certain restrictions for server customizations. The scope of third-party applications that can be added is limited.

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