Bring Out Your Oddities to Connect With the Reader

Are you a weird guy, a geeky girl or a bit of a freak? Congratulations because in this case you have a treasure in your hands that you have to exploit. When you’re young you don’t want to stand out, you want to be part of the crowd. Over the years you realize that the average is just a line or a number and practically no one is above it but rather below or above it.

People are unique Switzerland Business Fax List and exceptional. Being different is not something you have to hide but rather the opposite. It helps you connect with people because you can bring a different vision of the world from the rest.

People Who Read a Blog Want to Know the People Behind the Post

Reading a blog is not browsing a general digital medium that is made up of people whose most intimate thing we get to know is their name. Your blog is not an anonymous space where you can hide behind your words. Your reader wants to know the people behind each entry.

The added value of a blogger is his experience and his story. It gives the sauce to each post because it provides the necessary credibility to the content that is published. An easy way to tell the reader who you are is on the “about me” page . It is only the starting point because the most important thing to know you is the continuous reading of the entries in your blog.

Behind Each Rarity There Is One or Several Stories to Tell

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Each of us has his quirks. In most cases we don’t want the rest of the world to find out because we want to be considered normal. Normal is not positive, it’s totally boring. I tell you that I am a shy person who does not like being the center of attention too much.

The good thing about rarities is that each one of them has its history. Maybe you’ve already heard about the power of storytelling . Stories connect because they hook. Sometimes we even see ourselves reflected in them. The other day I said at an event that I was a “German”. Neither German nor Spanish or a bit of both. Later on Twitter I met more people who saw themselves reflected in my words because they lived between two worlds.

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