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The initial research – before making Qatar Phone Number changes to the page – ensures that your expectations are correct. By expectations, I mean the end result you want to achieve. A few tips to consider: Are your expectations realistic? If your target keyword has high traffic, it also has a lot of competition. Can you compete with these websites?

Take a closer look at the top 10 results. Are all results from high authority websites? Does Google rank a domain (i.e. the home page of a website) or a single page for the particular keyword?

Click on the links and open the first five pages. Is this content better than yours in quantity and quality? Examine each website more carefully. Are these “big” websites with lots of pages? Are they blogs? Are these corporate websites? Try to gather as much information as possible.
Why go to all this trouble? For a simple reason: even if in life nothing is impossible, not everything is possible in SEO.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news,

But sometimes we don’t rank for what we want but rather for what is realistic.

The good news is that there is a Qatar Phone Number way out, and let me explain. I would love to optimize my website to rank for “content marketing”, but it’s impossible. Take a look at the Google results for that keyword.


Unless my website can compete with the Content Marketing Institute, Wikipedia, Copyblogger, Quick Sprout, and other high authority websites, nothing I do will get me to the top positions. I may get a spot on the second or third page, but that’s all I can.

Should I give up and quit? Of course not. This is where long-tail keywords and proper on-page optimization come to the rescue. Go through the list of long-tail keywords you’ve gathered and find keywords with high volume but not as strong competitors.

In my example, “content marketing tips” is a good long-term

Qatar Phone Number
Qatar Phone Number

Candidate and a better one is “content marketing tips for small businesses.”

Some may argue that the traffic generated by long tail keywords does not compare to that of the main keywords. That’s true, but it’s a more realistic approach to keyword success. You don’t want to spend your efforts looking for rankings you can’t achieve, but rather focus on identifying keywords that can realistically improve your page results.

Remember that high rankings for long-tail keywords build trust which can gradually translate into better rankings for more competitive keywords.
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Review on-page SEO
Now that you’ve set realistic expectations, you can start doing some real work.
On-page SEO is your starting point, specifically:
Page Titles: Include your target keyword (or variations of it), but don’t do keyword stuffing. Mentioning your keyword in a natural way in the title is enough.


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