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engage in unnatural or spammy link building. Btarget key: “content marketing” Anchor text: ‘Neil Patel’ “To be a master at content marketing, you have to follow Neil Patel and his strategies. #3 Bare Anchor Texts Target Keyword: “LSI Keywords” Anchor Text:” For more information on how to retrieve and use LSI keywords, you suggest reading this articleArmed with this information, you will be a bit fuzzy on when and how to use keywords in anchor texts Shouldn’t I leverage the power of anchor texts for SEO benefits You deserve it, but with a clear understanding and strategic contributions Anchor text ratio in percentage what the experts

suggest It There are no industry

standard guidelines for anchor texts. I will share what the experts follow and recommend others to stay out of every Google Penguin update. Let me share the anchor CMO Email Lists text ratio for the most commonly used anchor texts Percentage of text ratio Anchor text ratio for brands The anchor text ratio below is subject to popular brands. Google likes you to build your brand image. And this is the ratio used by popular SEOs like Nathan Gotch and others. • Branded anchor text – 70% Based on the number of branded backlinks, Google determines brand influence and authority. • Bare Anchors – 20% It is very safe and

effective to use bare links You can

CMO Email Lists

often notice these naked links in blog comment areas. • Generic Anchor Texts – 5% Generic anchors appear more natural and webmasters are likely to use them frequently. But using it over and over again can make the content boring. Limit the number of generic anchors to use. • LSI and Fuzzy Match Anchors – 1-5% LSI or Fuzzy Match Anchors are the in-between type for leveraging the power of keyword-favoring anchor texts. Also, allowing you to stay away from penalties. So, have it optimally. • Exact match anchor texts – less than 1% The less precise anchor texts we use, safer aside. But

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