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Tony’s Chocolonely Fortunately, there are more Ivory Coast Phone Number roads that lead to Rome, so he takes a different path. He approaches chocolate producer Nestlé and asks if they want to produce a slave-free chocolate bar. Another setback: they can’t. These are just a few examples of the setbacks Tony’s Chocolonely Ivory Coast Phone Number communicates about. You are probably right to notice that these are setbacks for the founder, but not mistakes of the organization. The setbacks are beyond the company’s sphere of influence. Potential negative publicity reflects on others and not Ivory Coast Phone Number necessarily on the organization. But Tony’s brand story tells even more. Dealing with negative publicity Every organization makes mistakes.

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Also Tony’s Chocolonely. For example, the Ivory Coast Phone Number brand story of the chocolate company mentions that the television program EenVandaag rapped the company on the fingers in 2010. The company use hazelnuts from Turkey and child labor is still use in their production. A painful issue for an Ivory Coast Phone Number organization that claims to be fully committed to slave-free chocolate, even when it comes to chocolate with hazelnuts. After all, it goes completely against identity and image. It’s about how you deal with such issues. The chocolate producer is switching Ivory Coast Phone Number to Dutch growers and it communicates about this issue in its company story. That is a powerful way of communicating: admitting that you have not acted wisely and looking for a suitable solution for the mistakes make.

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It shows that you are a learning Ivory Coast Phone Number organization. Using storytelling as a tool Two things are important if you want to make effective use of storytelling . First and foremost, always act in line with your core values. If your organization presents itself as the most customer-friendly company in the Ivory Coast Phone Number Netherlands, it is not useful if mistakes are made in customer complaints. And yet mistakes are make in every organization. Also in the most customer-friendly company in the Netherlands. It’s about how you deal with those mistakes, you can Ivory Coast Phone Number show that in your stories. Second, good characters are the main carriers of your story. An effective character has good and bad qualities, just like every human being.


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