Comedy Pro reveals Ghana Phone Number how to bring fun to content

Make people laugh and you have Ghana Phone Number their. Also, attention. Hit people in the funny bone, and you have a chance to hit them in the heart and gut too. People learn from humor. They share it. They may even become fans and customers of the companies providing it.

Yet many content teams avoid fun content. They consider humor inappropriate for their brand or they don’t see themselves as funny.

In his Content Marketing. Also, World keynote, Tim Washer, social media manager for Cisco Systems’ Service Provider Marketing Group, urges marketers to rethink their objections to fun content and start practicing their content skills. comical.

Why should we trust what this man says

About humor and business? For Ghana Phone Number starters, he wrote for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, was executive producer of The. Also, Colbert Report, wrote for Late Night with Conan O’Brien, studied improvisation with Amy Poehler, and wrote for her on weekends. end of Saturday Night Live. Update, and has worked as a “corporate comedian” for clients. Also, including Google, IBM, FedEx and Pepsi.Tim is perhaps the best person in the world to take seriously when he urges companies not to take themselves too seriously.

A lot of times in the corporate world, people. Also, get nervous about comedy and say it doesn’t belong here. But if it can help you get a message across efficiently and cost-effectively, why not give it a try and see if you can make it work? »

How do you train to lighten up?

Ghana Phone Number
Ghana Phone Number

Among other things, Tim recommends flexing your creativity muscles at your own pace by writing playful captions wherever you share your own photos — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, even old-fashioned photo albums.

Writing captions develops your ability to “get into what John Cleese calls open mode, where you’re playful and fun, relaxed and not worried,” says Tim. The more you can get into open mode, the more often you’ll find yourself coming up with new ideas in all areas of your life, including work.

In this article, I pass on some of Tim’s examples of photo captions, illustrating comedic elements such as simplicity, irony, contrast, hyperbole, sarcasm, and the rule of three.


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