Collect and prioritize feedback Pakistan Phone Number

Be ready to receive positive feedback when platform users see their productivity increase. For example, when all reviewer feedback is centralized in the platform instead of being lost in countless email chains, people save time on review cycles. Stan gives his own example of positive feedback when he says of Rachel, “I can’t say enough praise about that fabulous person next to me for how she made my job easier.”

And be prepared for Pakistan Phone Number criticism. No content marketing platform is perfect. Document and prioritize people’s reviews. Have candid conversations with your supplier about how the system needs to evolve. Stan says, “You will always have a wishlist as you become more sophisticated in your content management.”

Ask senior managers to make it clear: using the platform is not optional

When it was time to invite Pakistan Phone Number all marketers to use the new platform, Rachel and Stan had business leaders behind them, ready to explain why this platform was important for the company and that its use was not optional.

“We needed everyone,” says Rachel. “If someone. Also, doesn’t use the tool, it doesn’t work. You can’t have a global hub if only half the people are using it. »

Rachel emphasizes the importance of support from above:

Our directive came from the vice president. Also, of marketing. His team was responsible for fostering change management. If it had been left to my manager (of content operations) and me to drive the change, we would have failed.

Conclusion Note

Pakistan Phone Number
Pakistan Phone Number

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