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Many of which strongly support EAT, including (but not limited to. Membership alumni of grant brand has credentials hasOccupation honorific prefix honorific suffix job title like. Consider including Person Schema with the above properties at least once where your founder, content creators. An author bio page is a good candidate for featuring this type of outline. Commercial Continue reading below Remember that any Schema-marked content must also be. Visible on the page to prevent manual action of structured data as spam. Another way to improve the use of Person Schema is to use it to disambiguate that person’s name. From other identical names in Google’s Knowledge Graph.

 If that person appears in the Knowledge Graph (which you can verify with this handy tool. Consider linking to your Knowledge Graph URL using the same property. This effort can give Google the extra confidence it needs to ensure the right person’s. Even though Google announced that it Belarus whatsApp number list has stopped using sameAs markup for social profiles. You can still use sameAs for other purposes, such as linking to: The URL of the person’s knowledge graph. Your Wikipedia page, a freebase profile, or Crunchbase. Commercial Continue reading below Also, it’s worth remembering that there are more search engines using Schema than. Google, so listing social profiles using sameAs is probably still a good approach.

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 Organization The organization scheme is, without a doubt, one of the best types of scheme to support EAT efforts. This type of schema offers a variety of properties. That can provide additional context about your company or brand, for example: speak to pardos founder. Foundation date has credentials knows about member of parent organization Many companies implement the organization schema without taking advantage of these fields or the many other properties available with this type of schema. Consider incorporating all of this information into your most relevant page about your organization (usually an “About Us” or “Contact Us” page) and bookmark the page accordingly.

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 Author (schema property) Author is a Schema property that can be used for any Schema type that is included in the CreativeWork or Review classification, such as Article or NewsArticle. Commercial Continue reading below This property should be used as markup for the author’s byline in a piece of content. The expected types for the Author property are Person or Organization, so if your site publishes content on behalf of the company, it’s important to list the author as an Organization and not a Person. 4. reviewed by (schema property) The reviewBy property is a great opportunity to show the good EAT of your website. If you use expert reviewers on your content, such as medical or legal reviewers, consider displaying your name on the page as the person who reviewed your content for accuracy. 

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You can then take advantage of the reviewBy property to list the name of that person (or organization). This is a great approach to use if your authors may lack EAT or a strong online presence, but your reviewers are the real experts with a known online presence. For WordPress for websites using Yoast, a reviewBy feature is currently being considered for your roadmap, which will allow you to tell the person who has reviewed your content by selecting from your WordPress authors. Commercial Continue reading below 5. Quotes (schema property) With the Citation Scheme property, you can list other publications, articles, or creative works that your content cites or links to. 

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