If You Want to Achieve a Challenge Participate in a Competition

When you want to run a marathon you sign up for a race. It is not enough to be able to overcome the distance of 42 kilometers but it is the first step.

1 A competition is the external factor that helps you achieve your goals
2 If there is no competition, create your own
3 The new blogging and SEO competition for everyone in Quondos

A Competition Is the External Factor That Helps You Achieve Your Goals

At the age of 25, I signed up for my first. I wasn’t very Brazil B2B List well prepared. I ran between 50-60 kilometers every week for 3 months. Finish the race in 3:12:55. The effort was so brutal that when I reached the finish line I couldn’t help but have tears of joy in my eyes. For a long time I didn’t think I was going to make it because my legs fires from the middle of the race.

I did not accept giving up at any time and despite this I still had doubts if I was going to reach the finish line less than 1,000 meters away. Running a marathon in a competition is not the same as going out to train 42 kilometers. What you lack is the adrenaline, the music and being close to the start with thousands of runners encourages by the atmosphere that is breathed.

If There Is No Competition, Create Your Own

A language is not learne in a language school. I perfectly remember that day when I left Bergisch Gladbach in Germany with my red Ford Fiesta on my way to Evry in France (near Paris) with the description of the road printed from Google maps. I had a significant load of my stuff in the car. Among them was my TV that had been in my room for almost 10 months without turning it on for a single day because I didn’t know that the damned French have a different system.

What weighed even more was the fear I was carrying when I said goodbye to my girlfriend (now the wife of my children) and my mother. It was 4 months later in my 9 square meter student room that I woke up one morning realizing that I finally spoke French. My competition was to leave home for the first time and get a business management diploma in a language that was not mine and that until now  never been given to an Erasmus student. It took me 6 weeks negotiating with the director of the Maîtrise de Sciences de Gestion providing documents from my university and using 1 or 2 tricks to achieve my goal.

The New Blogging and Seo Competition for Everyone on Quondos

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It doesn’t matter what goals you have. Being in a competition can give you the high and the energy to see you through to the end. It’s not about winning. Competing is also achieving a challenge because you are among other people who, just by being by your side, will already be a moral support.

Many of those who have signed up for Quondos have asked us that they also want to participate in the competition that we have in some way. This has been the starting point to launch an “SEO Challenge” and a “Blogger Challenge” so that those in the community can measure their strength by launching their projects from scratch, having all the same possibilities at the beginning.

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