Capture the Audience’s Attention in a Presentation From the Beginning

I have loved the collaboration I have had in the “Course for bloggers” in Alicante with the German Alex Navarro from Vivirdelared . Apart from having a path very similar to mine although in reverse (the German born in Spain and I Spanish born in Germany) we also share a passion for online marketing.

Blogger Alex Navarro

Excellent presentation by Alex Navarro in “Course for bloggers” Alicante. I have to thank you because to begin with the event could not have Guinea B2B List been done without your help. It was the first time I gave a course with an audience where apart from one person, absolutely no one knew my blog. The collaboration consisted of his participation as a speaker and the support to promote the course among his readers. In fact, they had to put up with me for 4 hours to be able to enjoy the 60 minutes in which Alex spoke.

I haven’t learned so many new things in less than 1 hour in a long time. He did not use the typical Power point format that I also use for these occasions. It was enough to see how he opened one website after another, entrusting us with some of his best tricks and secrets. Some are so good and at the same time risky that I’m still not sure if I really dare to try them (surely not with this blog).

A Simple Phrase to Capture the Attention of the Audience

Guinea Business Email List
Guinea Business Email List

With that in theory it would have been more than enough. In addition to that, I will occasionally copy a trick that has nothing to do with SEO. His first sentence to open the presentation was excellent and very simple at the same time: “ What I am going to tell you next… do not leave this room .”These simple words were more than enough to grab the immediate attention of the audience. What was to follow next had to be important. We were not disappointed with the expectations that we had created. Do not forget to stop by his blog and sign up as a subscriber to see the topics he deals with.

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