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valuable. It makes your business trustworthy, insightful, and trustworthy. What Makes Content Marketing Better? Traditional marketing refers to outbound marketing. This is recognized as the “old way” of marketing. That is, how to target the masses through tactics such as television advertising, billboard ads and soliciting phone calls. This puts your message and brand in front of many people, but the right people may not see it. This type of advertising is plentiful, but its influence on consumers is waning. Research results support this. According to Harvard Business Review , solicitation calls are 90.9% ineffective. A poll by Arris (an American

telecommunications equipment

manufacturer incorporated in the UK) shows that 84% of us fast forward TV ads . Content marketing, by contrast, focuses on companies producing valuable, insightful VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists content that is readily available to their target audience. Content marketing requires customers to reach your company through online search and social media search channels. So it’s less intrusive than outbound marketing. strategize Developing a successful content marketing strategy that is actually effective requires a return to basics. You may already have a blog or vlog, but without a good understanding of your audience and pain

points, your efforts will be in vain

VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists

Here are four steps I recommend you take to develop a smart strategy and work on it: 1. identification Start by conducting in-depth research about your audience, your business, and the products and services you offer. Clarify your audience’s challenges and what they’re looking for so you can create content that provides answers to their questions. Then dig deeper into your customers’ content consumption habits. Consider how your customers find information and what content formats they prefer. It could be online social media channels or offline media such as various publications, news outlets and magazines. If customers like online content, how do they want to receive it? One type of content that is

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