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Memberships are a great option for ecommerce stores because they provide recurring revenue each month. Each new membership you sell increases your Singapore Phone Number List monthly revenue without paying for a new customer. Here are two ideas for how to make Singapore Phone Number List memberships work for your ecommerce business: Sell a membership that gives your Singapore Phone Number List customers priority support, like AppleCare. To take this even further, give your paying members first crack at feature requests and new product feedback.[*] Screenshot

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showing AppleCare+ product page Sell a membership that gives your customers monthly tips. For example, painter Robert Joyner gives his customers painting tips Singapore Phone Number List (and access to his online courses) in his Painthog membership.[*] Screenshot Singapore Phone Number List showing a landing page CREATING AND HOSTING YOUR DIGITAL UPSELLS. Now that you have some ideas for what kinds of digital products you could upsell to your customers, let’s put those ideas into action. First, add your first digital product to your existing ecommerce

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A quick note: while the examples I use focus on digital products in your Shopify store, you can apply the concepts to other ecommerce platforms. I also assume you’ve created a digital product, and you’re ready to upload it to your store. Depending on the digital upsells you make, the tools and processes to add them to your store will vary slightly. We’ll go through each product type in turn and explain how to start upselling these products today. SELLING DIGITAL DOWNLOADS Shopify’s Digital Downloads app makes it easy to add digital product sales to your store.

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