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Not if it suddenly has a major impact on Indonesia Phone Number your (online) life. And that is exactly the case with the Digital Services Act (DSA). This European legislation is intend to better protect citizens and businesses online. And that is about time, if you consider that the current legislation is 20 years old. Is this the end of fake news, complicated cookie notifications, dark patterns and invisible Indonesia Phone Number algorithms? Someone who reads about the Digital Services Act. 5. Irresistible calls to action: be inspire by 5 examples With a sharp call-to-action (CTA) you move your target group and encourage them to take action. But how do you make such a CTA Indonesia Phone Number  really irresistible? Ayla shares 5 inspiring examples from the police.

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Omroep Zwart and Nike, among others. Call-to-action Indonesia Phone Number examples. 6. Shake up your dozed newsletter readers with these 6 tips Email subscribers are easily bore. Are you delivering lazy content that isn’t geared enough to their needs? Then your messages will disappear unopened into the depths of their Indonesia Phone Number mailboxes in no time . A shame, because inactive subscribers aren’t just missed prospects. All that snoozing can also negatively impact your opens and click through rates . 6 tips to wake up your subscribers! young woman sleeping on her laptop in bed Indonesia Phone Number dozing email marketing 7. Addicted to Duolingo? These neuromarketing methods explain why Don’t lose your streak ! Are you also addicted to Duolingo?

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This highly successful language app Indonesia Phone Number effectively attracts millions of users. How does the app do that? Be inspire and amazed by these 9 neuromarketing methods. Header with Duolingo mobile language app 8. An Indonesia Phone Number employee handbook boring? It was not! 4 inspiring examples What does your organization’s employee handbook look like? Is that a document you like to grab, or a dragon of a book? What should be in it (and what should not?). In this article you Indonesia Phone Number will find tips and 4 examples, including from Blendle. A reaction to the article: “We have made a micro-training of the personnel handbook. By adding questions, the theory is secure and the material stays with you for much longer.”


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