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However, Frederik decided not to leave it Azerbaijan Phone Number at that, he used a clever influencing technique that would make the potato immensely popular… Reverse psychology example of potatoes This is how the potato became popular: reverse psychology Azerbaijan Phone Number Not long after the dramatic introduction, Frederick forbade his people to eat potatoes any longer. Ordinary farmers were no longer allow to grow the potato, it became a royal Azerbaijan Phone Number product. The potato was only allow to be grow in the gardens of Frederick the Great. The common citizen was no longer allow to eat this royal vegetable, and that led to, yes, revolt.

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The potato quickly became popular in Azerbaijan Phone Number  Prussia and the cultivation and consumption of the potato expanded to the entire empire. We want to decide for ourselves: Project X In psychology we often speak Azerbaijan Phone Number of ‘reactance’ (Brehm, 1966). When we have to do something, we prance. Even when we are not allow to do something, you can count on resistance. Do we remember Project X Haren? Where the youth were not allow to come to Haren to party? Perhaps not the most convenient approach, because in Azerbaijan Phone Number  this way the municipality encouraged Reactance, Social Proof and Fear Of Missing Out. All the more reason to go to Haren anyway, even if you didn’t intend to.

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Guard the potatoes! Also in France, reverse Azerbaijan Phone Number psychology was later used by a pharmacist. Who had become a fan of the potato in Germany. Inspired by Frederick the Great, the pharmacist had a large potato garden planted in Azerbaijan Phone Number France, which he had guarded by armed men. This spectacle caused quite a stir among the people. The pharmacist instructed his guards to go home at night, leaving the potato garden unguarded. In addition, she was told that they could take any form of bribe. Curiosity and reverse Azerbaijan Phone Number psychology also won in France and the beepers were soon on the table. Patagonia – don’t buy this jacket Even in the present time we are still sensitive to things we are not allow to do.


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