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From the overall comparison between Thrive and Genesis, you can kind of realize that Thrives dominates Genesis in several aspects. But I’m not saying Genesis isn’t a good one. StudioPress releases updates less often and sometimes seems idle to improve its theme functionality. At the same time, Thrive Themes often comes with updates and the team is serious in presenting amazing features to its users. Basically, if I want to design a page in a specific template, your approach to emotional marketing, you can build a stronger connection with your audience. Marketing professionals often think about building an emotional connection

with their audience There are

good reasons for that. Emotions can attract attention, deepen engagement, and drive action. But can you articulate how your marketing assets provoke an emotional Chief and VP of Training Email Lists response? Emotions are surprisingly complex, involving intricate biological processes involving different areasDon’t you think SEO is part of a theme? SEO starts with setting up your WordPress site theme. Generally speaking, Genesis framework or StudioPress themes are the most SEO friendly WordPress themes. The main reason being its support for Schema-org. It lets you embed microdata into your site’s code to show more snippets to

both search engines and users

Chief and VP of Training Email Lists

Next, HTML forms the basis of the Genesis framework. This helps meet the basic needs of any SEO optimized website. It includes clean, lightweight code and excellent architecture. Genesis themes will have a simple and neat design providing better user experience. StudioPress themes are mobile responsive by default. Featured images are resized automatically, ensuring super-fast website performance in terms of site loading. What else do you think a theme can help with search engine optimization? What about customizing StudioPress Genesis themes? To create a site on Genesis, you will need to use the Genesis framework with a StudioPress child theme. The Genesis framework forms the

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