Build a Blog if You Want to Build an Empire

Companies like Groupon have started with a blog. Although they are currently going through a difficult phase, it is still a publicly traded company and has made its founders billionaires. There are thousands of people in many countries who, thanks to their existence, can pay mortgages, gasoline, childcare and whatever else is needed.

An Empire Is Not Conquered Overnight

The Techcrunch page focused on the Mongolia B2B List world of start-ups has started as a blog of its founder. It was sold to the AOL company and turned Michael Arrington into a person who already has to worry about money (the sale price is estimated between 25 to 50 million dollars). The Huffington Post started as a blog by author and columnist Arianna Huffington and now brings in over a million dollars a month . Now we even have a Spanish version .

They all started blogging from their homes. At first they were alone but as their audience grew their income also increased and they began to hire people. You have to dare to think big to achieve it. Maybe now you think that the little things you propose you don’t get. That may just be the problem. Everything is possible if you dare to dream and do not give up when difficulties arise. What is certain is that not everything will go as planned. There are no guarantees of success in life, but if you don’t try it, you have already failed.

The important thing is not the details but that you start as soon as possible
After the free “Course for bloggers” for young people actively looking for work last Friday in Madrid ( new edition in Barcelona on April 4 ) there were many participants who came to ask us questions. Many of them dealt with topics not as relevant as the design of the blog. Newcomers to the blogosphere sometimes get bogges down by things that are really more of a detail. Time is precious and you have to start as soon as possible.

1. Google works like a faucet : by default Google doesn’t trust anyone. He knows from experience that all of us will make a little trapdoor at some point to go faster than allowed. The faucet is opening over time. You have to show that you are someone to trust through the creation of quality content. Over time the faucet opens more and more and allows more visitors to your blog.

The Tap Concept of the Google Search Engine

Mongolia Business Email List
Mongolia Business Email List

2. Perfection is a waste of time: 100% does not exist and it is also a waste of time to try to achieve it. Accept that everyone is never going to like you, no matter how hard you try. What matters is not that every post you publish comes out perfectly. It is more important that you do not stop writing, writing and posting on your blog as often as possible. Quality is important without a doubt but if you don’t start running you will never reach a level where you will be happy with what you create.

Apply the Pareto principle if you want to post frequently on your blog

3. The improvement of the blog is a continuous work : I have many pending tasks in my blog. It is a continuous improvement work that never ends. Do not settle for the good but seek excellence. Improve what already works even if it means starting partially from scratch again. There are already enough blogs that the only thing they do is copy or in the best of cases rewrite the content of third parties. Do not settle for the mediocre and seek to improve yourself every day again. Nothing happens if there are days where they put you to give birth and you feel like a failure. It is worse never to risk and always play safe. We already know that it doesn’t work.

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