How to do direct on instagram to boost your visibility as a writer

How to do direct on instagram to enhance your visibility as a writer” is a guest post by josé manuel blanco.
Thanks to a suggestion from ana gonzález duque. During the state of alarm in spain. I have chatted with lgbt book writers on my instagram account. For more than two months I have arranged interviews. Prepared the materials to promote them. Collected questions from users… That is why today I am going to tell you how to do live broadcasts on instagram. So that you can replicate the strategy if this social network is one of your target networks as a writer. .
What are instagram directs?
broadcasts. In Egypt Phone Numbers which one or two people participate through their accounts on the social network. During that broadcast. Other users can comment in writing. Say hello with emojis or share hearts.
When the live ends (one hour maximum). The person who started it has the option to save it and watch it forever on igtv. Below I show you an example: the direct with ana gonzález duque in which we talked about proyecto bruno and that you can retrieve on my instagram account :
Why do direct on instagram

Instagram directs are live video

There are several reasons why we writers should go live on instagram:
• if instagram is your target social network . It’s a great way to personal brand. When you start a direct. It appears in the first place of the stories of your followers and. If you are in an interview. Of those of the other person’s followers. If you provide valuable content in those live streams (recommend books of your genre. Talk about interesting topics…). The followers will be attentive to your next live stream and will be more predisposed to buy your books. Services or products.
• add new followers. You will see this especially if you do a direct with another person. As I was saying in the previous paragraph. The direct is seen in the first place of the stories of the people who follow your interviewee. If these people don’t know you at all and follow the direct. It is likely that they will browse your profile and that. If your instagram as a writer (attractive photos. Book reviews of their favorite genre…) interests them. They will stay for the future.

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Live streams on instagram are aimed at your target audience. Therefore. Before continuing you must be very clear about who he is and what you can offer him. Interviews with other authors of your genre? Put yourself in front of the camera to recommend books or tell curiosities about your next novel?
speak alone or with other people. I recommend that you make an editorial calendar about the topics you are going to speak about or with the interviews. Set a day of the week and a time to create the custom in your followers: that. Like a radio or television program. They know that at that time they are going to meet your direct on instagram. If you are going to chat with other people. It may be more difficult to maintain this day of the week and time (if that other person lives in a different time zone. For example).

Whether you are going to

Once your calendar is ready. Prepare the images with which you will announce the event to your followers. I use canva templates (in molpe you have a highly recommended canva course within the platform if you don’t know this free design tool) for instagram stories and photos. Ideally. You always use the same template. So that your followers recognize the format and help you create an aesthetic effect on your wall.
Linktree: your ally to do direct on instagram
Also. You have to update your linktree account . Linktree is a web link repository for your instagram profile link. Since instagram does not allow hyperlinks to be inserted in the text of the photos at the moment. It is a way that. With just one click. People can access your blog. Books. Social networks…
I update my linktree before each interview to put affiliate links to  Those that remain unchanged are the links to my website. Newsletter or books. This is what she looked like when I interviewed maría


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