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Following significant changes in the financial world, such as the adoption of blockchain technology, which underpins cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, we’ve begun to hear the term “Web3” also known as Web3 more frequently.  It is impossible to provide a definitive statement since, if a change occurs as predicted, its consequences will not be restricted to the internet; it will also be incorporated into significant notions such as the metaverse.


 Interactive social media networks


Will be formed and these will be transmitted directly from the content creator to the consumer, not through intermediary servers or applications as is currently the case. What is Web3 Marketing? If you’re wondering what Web3 is, it’s crucial to review the previous concepts first. It was a Vietnam Phone Number collection of links and home pages. Websites had a one-sided layout; in other words, users did not have adequate interaction space. As you might expect, Web 2.0 emerged after Web 1.0.


This version of the Internet allows

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People to make their own material in a variety of mediums in addition to consuming content from the online world. Creating and sharing information has taken on new dimensions thanks to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Web3 is the third generation of the internet, in which websites and applications use machine learning, Big Data, and the decentralized web to process information in a smart human-like manner. Semantic web and artificial intelligence are two key concepts in web3. Channable-in-page-campaign-social-commerce-2022 best web3 marketing agencies best web3. Marketing companies help you in transition to this new era. Of the world wide web and metaverse marketing.

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